Since the 1st January 2007 - we sell Polydar panels - thickness 10 mm, CZK 288.- / 1 m2 without VAT.

Since the 1st February 2007 - sale of Polydar panels, 2 100 mm x 5 800 mm x 8 mm. Price for 1m2 CZK 250.- without VAT, the whole panels only.




The firm Roman Werenyckyj - WERONA was established in 1993 as a trade company. In 2004 we started to import and distribute polycarbonate panels POLYDAR, decoration panels WALLPEX and mounting components for polycarbonate panels.

POLYDAR - polycarbonate panels are destined for covering roofs and walls of glasshouses, for glazing winter gardens, pools, atriums, sun lounges, covering and glazing of garden constructions (pergols, sheds for cars), covering of sports facilities (stadiums, swimming pools), arched and flat roofs of buildings and construction halls, drop ceilings, arched and flat shades (bus stops), passages, entrance shades, halls, stairs, various walls and rails, covering of terraces, galleries, glazing of windows, door, separating walls, signs and billboards, exhibitory objects, solar pannels.

WALLPEX - decoration panels that are destined for the advertisemnet purposes as standalone mobile panels.






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